Rasputin's outlook:
                             My thoughts and reflections

"The love is such golden house , - Rasputin writes, - that to it nobody can describe the prices. It is the most expensive, created By the Lord that existed, but only a little she understands" .

" Though understand love, but not as the pure. Who understands this love it is the person such wise that Solomona will learn. Many - all of us talk about love". "If you love, whom you will not kill - all precepts are obedient to love, in it great knowledge more than in Solomone".

The love - is the greatest value, but is given only to skilled people through sufferings and tests.

The love "stays always at skilled people, and in itself it will not come to that person, which person live in rest and well At God's elects there is a perfect love, it is possible to descend to listen, will affect not from the book, and from experience, therefore love not get for nothing.

Here the enemy also disturbs, takes great pain, as though the person has not grasped love, and to the enemy, most there is a hitch. After all the love is some kind of the millionaire of a spiritual life - even the estimate is not present. In general the love lives in exiles who have worried everything, all, and pity not at all is.

The love, in representation of the aged man, should be active and concrete, it is necessary to love not in general, but the concrete person who is near to you, and in general each person whom you meet. When aged man Grigory has stopped to carry on a body the real verigas (monk irons), his, on its expression, - "has found verigas of love".

"Loved without analysis: will see wanderers from a temple and from love I feed, what God will send, at them has a little bit learnt, has understood, who following the Lord".

In general, "Love - the big figure, - confirms the aged man. - prophecies will stop also knowledge will stop, and love never stops".

Important part of the spiritual views of aged man Grigory is aspiration "to live on conscience" as the Scriptus and lives of the sacred order us. "It is necessary to check and investigate anywhere and everywhere itself".

"Conscience with a hammer: taps and also overhears" is national proverb. And Rasputin spoke so: "Conscience - a wave, but whatever were on the wave sea, they will cease, and conscience only from a good deed will go out".

To reach a rescue, the humiliation and love is necessary only - "the pleasure consists in that. In sincere simplicity huge riches and rescue pledge. Always it is necessary to humiliate and consider itself low in clothes, but not in words, but in really spirit. We put on in pearls - we become above cities, growing spirit, and defect of pride and rebelliousness to all is born. It is not necessary to achieve honour and the doctrine, and to watch and search for the Lord, and all scientists will listen to a verb of yours or your saying".

Sincere simplicity should incorporate to one other major spiritual value of Sacred Russia - absence of self-interest.

"If you will not search for self-interest anywhere and to aspire to console as though, you will call the Lord sincerely, - teach the aged man Grigory, - that and demons will trembling from you learns, and patients will recover, if only all to do not from self-interest. And if you will search any cases for a belly, for glory, for money you will not receive neither here, nor there, i.e. neither heavenly, nor terrestrial If to yourself you will get, you will not decorate neither a temple, nor, and there will be alive but spiritually dead person as in the Gospel it is told".

"The Autocrat the Tsar eats from peasant and workers hands, and all birds use the peasant work fruits, even the mouse - and that eats it. Any breath praises the Lord, and prayers all for the peasant Is great, great a peasant before the Lord, he does not understand any balls, it at theatre seldom happens, it only remembers: The Lord bore a tax also and to us ordered - Divine workoholic! At it instead of bodies a plait in hands; instead of amusements - a plough at heart: instead of magnificent clothes any old clothes; instead of a troika - a tired horsy.

Source: Oleg Platonov "Aged man Grigory"