Piotr Badmayev - biography and legend
Piotr Badmayev, who in the course of 50 years served as mediator between Russian Empire and mysterious and unpredictable Asia, is still one of the most enigmatic heroes of Petersburg Silver Age. He had two names. Nobody knew how old he was: in 1920 he claimed that he is 110 y.o and his daughter said that he was 112 y.o. ...        [Badmayev - biography and legend]

"Foundations of Medical Science of Tibet "Zhud-Shi"
Doctor Badmayev translated tractate "Zhud-Shi" into Russian. The poem was ciphered and direct translation was useless, it was necessary to find the experienced lamas - healers who knew the key to the cipher. Piotr Alexeevich managed to do this. In 1898 the first Russian edition of this ancient manual was published in Badmayev's translation accompanied with his voluminous foreword ...                       ["Zhud-Shi"]

Badmayev and Rasputin
Yelizaveta Fiodorovna, young second wife of Badmayev considered herself guilty in the fact that the famous doctor got acquainted with Rasputin. She found it intriguing to look at a person rumoured all over Russia and Rasputin visited their house several times ...
               [Badmayev and Rasputin]