Mystical and full of paradoxes, our city not once became the stage for fantastic events both in real history and in famous literature masterpieces, where events take place in arabesque and creepy-crawly environment of the northern city, living the secret life of its own and dictating its rules to the people ...
History of Saint Petersburg is steeped in bewitchment of mystery, in the feeling of something great and incomprehensible. Just three centuries passed from the date of foundation of this city but its past up to now is full of enigmas and mysteries, and even now different legends about the inscrutable events which happened on the Neva banks in the distant and close Past.

The new Internet project "Saints, mystics and villains of Petersburg" is devoted to this aspect of life of Northern Capital of Russia.

This website was created by a group of enthusiasts living in St.Petersburg and united by interest to mysterious pages of the history of our city.

Creation of this website is one of the first steps on a way to creation of the Society of Mystical Culture of Petersburg.

In our further plans - regular meetings - tea drinking with reading of reports on the given subjects, the organisation of thematic excursions, meetings with experts and fans of mystical history from other cities and countries.

Our contact e-mail: 464748@mail.ru

Sergei Stafeev, project coordinator